Monday, March 7, 2011

Art Class February 19th

This time our class  had many different
projects going as you will see the the following photos.  With both my sister and I teaching it gives us opportunities to help concentrate on helping the new students but yet being their helping an encouraging our more seasoned artists.

My Sister Peggy is teaching the newer students how to do an under the sea picture with coral and fish.
  The Medina family are having such a great time working together on their paintings.  They are learning different tecniques using rubbing alcohol that makes great air bubbles.

 Dick Bailey is using the masquing fluid to protect areas that he wants to keep white on his very first watercolor painting, he is our newest student.  What a terrific job can't wait to see it all finished.
Alberta Clevenger is an inspiration to us all.  With only peripheral vision in both eyes,  it is a challenge for her to see as well as she would like.  Because of her love for art, she does not let that stop her from developing her talents. We love you Alberta!  

Shirley Bailey is one of our advanced students.  
She is working on a garden scene and doing a fabulous job.

Some of the students like Jackie Huber are just starting the cottage painting, what a great start!
We started with the sky, then the trees.  She was ahead of most of the students so she got a good start on the cottage.

Dorothy Passey is my 80 year old step mother and this is her painting of the Rusty Truck which is not quite finished but wow the detail is fantastic! 

Mary Conklin wasn't here when we were taking pictures of the truck so she brought it all framed.  She also has a great start on her cottage picture.

Myrna Pendergraft getting also a great start on her cottage she works so hard on each of her paintings.
Andrea also starting her cottage, we should be done by next week so you can she all the finished pictures.

We had another class on March 5th, but I didn't bring my camera so no pictures until next week.


Angel Rogers photography said...

Nice work all the way around. Sounds like you are having a blast!

Dorothy said...

I love seeing the finished works of your students. They seem to be enjoying themselves very much and producing works to be proud of. :)

Shirleen Bland said...

Thank you Angel and Dorothy.