Friday, February 18, 2011

Straight Pictures in 30 Seconds

Hi, I'm Polly and I usually blog over at Helping Little Hands, but today I'm super excited to be a guest on Shirleen's Art Blog!  I've known Shirleen for years, but didn't know until recently that she was such an accomplished artist.  I fell in love with her work the first time I saw it.

I wanted to share a super quick and easy tip with you for hanging pictures that I used when hanging our print of Shirleen's Jayden with the Savior.  

We've all got a pesky picture of two (or 10) somewhere in the house, that just doesn't seem to want to hang straight.  Especially noticable if there's something straight right underneath them.

I'll show you how to fix them in about 30 seconds.

We've been in the process of finally getting picturs put up on our walls.  (We've been in this house 6 months.)  We've just been busy and I wanted to be pretty sure of where furniture was going to stay before putting anything puting many pictures up.

I went to hang this print above Sweet Pea's bed...and it was crooked.

Bummer.  Such a beautiful print deserves to be straight.  It is in one of the nicest frames our family owns...real wood with sturdy hardware on the back for hanging or displaying on a shelf.  It turns out that sturdy part for sitting on a shelf makes the weight of the frame lopsided and hang crooked.

I could rip that part off, but I never know when I'll want to switch frames around, so instead I grabbed my painters tape.

Made a couple of loops.

Slapped them on the back.

And it's just enough to keep the picture straight.  I've used mailing tape before, and it's worked okay.  However, I prefer painters tape because it's just sticky enough to work, but it doens't leave any residue on the frame or the wall (but of course you may want to test your tape first.)

And Sweet Pea LOVES her new picture of Christ. 

If you ask her who's in it she gets a big grin on her face and says, "Jeez!" which is how she says Jesus.  If you ask her who else is in it, she'll say, "BA!" which is what she calls herself.

You can purchase prints of this painting and see Shirleen's other beatiful work by clicking on the tabs above.
Thanks, so much for the print, Shirleen!  And thanks for having me as a guest on your blog.

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Maggie said...

great idea to use those masking tapes we have laying around..

Don't forget to add this project in our linking party where every Wednesday we showcase projects for our readers to discover.
Thank you,

Dorothy said...

I didn't know I was so smart! I've been using that trick forever because it really works. :)

Shirleen, I started a little art blog of my a beginner pastelist. Stop by for a visit!