Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tutorial for Beautiful Sunset Landscape

I have had a request to show how to paint a landscape, so here is a tutorial on how to paint a colorful landscape that is quick and beautiful.

I use NovaColor Acrylic Paint.  You can use whatever brand you have on hand.  
To purchase the NovaColor paint you can only purchase it 
online as it is not in the stores.  You get more for your money and it is
very good quality and great customer service.  
Contact them at and asked for a freecolor chart and list of prices.  
They are in Culver City, California

I also purchased squirt bottles to put my paint in so it
makes it fast and easy to squirt instead to having
to scoop out of the wide mouth container.  I put my own
color labels on them.  
The colors I am using in most of this painting are:

Paynes Gray, Indian Yellow, Organic Orange and Pyrrole Red

I am also using VIVA paper towels.  They are tough like cloth and work very well in spreading your
paint quickly on your surface. For this picture I am using a two inch cheap bristle brush
and a one inch flat brush to begin with.  My watercolor paper is Fabriano Artistico 140lb paper.
You can get it from most art supply stores.

Squirt "Indian Yellow" on your paper.

 Step 2. Using a Viva paper towel, spread the paint over the
intire paper.  I dipped my paper in a little water first so help
the paint spread more smoothly.
After the coat of "Indian Yellow" has dried, squirt
the "Pyrrole Red" on top of paper, then "Organic Orange"

 Using the 2" bristle brush and or your pointer finger,
(yes finger painting is so much fun) softly blend the two
colors stroking back and forth from left to right then right to left.

To even soften it more use the Viva paper towel.

While the two colors are still wet stroke on with
your finger a mixture of a little "Paynes Gray"  and "Pyrolle Red"
 To get a little darker red in the sky.  
 Using the Payne's Gray and Pyrolle Red mixture, using your 1 inch brush paint from
left to right making sure you have a very straight edge that will represent the horizon.

 Using the same 1 inch brush dap the treeline with strokes directly
from the end of the brush and you will get some great trees.
Using a small flat brush and two new bright colors,
Blue Green and Fluoresant Magenta, paint a focal
point on the horizon.  A line of Blue Green, then paint a little above and below using the Fluoresant Magenta.
Add a little more Indian yellow below that
so it looks like the sun is shining.

Making a second layer of trees darken the red with Paynes Gray
dabbing over the red trees making sure you leave some of
the red showing so it looks like layers of trees.  Add the darkened read
in the foreground as well.

Now you try and let me let me know how you did and if you have any questions by emailing me at 

The two pictures below were done with the same technique using slightly different colors and getting the same affect.



Dorothy said...

All those bright colors sure make me want to smile. What a happy way to paint!

Deb said...

I can't wait to use this technique...thankyou for sharing :)

Trac said...

Great tutorial, and great painting!