Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Art Class

My Sister, Peggy Helton, and I have been teaching an art class in Dayton, Oregon for the last three years.  Yesterday I finally got some photos of some of our students and the new painting they did of "Old Rusty"  Some students have been coming for three years and others are brand new to our class and this is their first painting.  I am always so surprised at how fast the new students catch on.  Watercolor is so much fun!

This is Dolly Huber, she is one of our advanced students.  She has such a great way of using rich colors in her paintings.  She is very fast in completing each painting and they are all beautiful.  Go Dolly!

This is Myrna Pendergraft.  She has been in our class from the beginning and has made some wonderful paintings.  She is one of our most improved artists.  I love her sky!  We are so pleased with her progress, Myrna is amazing.

This is Susan Wirfs, another student of the past three years. Susan puts her heart and love into each painting and she is not afraid to try new things and make it her own!  Great job, Susan!

Adrea Hamill is one of our new students.  She has a natural talent and will quickly become a star!  I believe this is her 2nd or 3rd painting with us.  Way to go, Andrea!

Our brand new student, Rosemarie Medina and her first painting!  She has done a wonderful job.
She has great potential and I am sure we will see lots of great paintings from her hands. 

Leilani Medina a new student and her first painting.
She is very patient in her work and has done a terrific job and I am sure we will see great paintings from her too!  The values in her painting are well done.
This is my wonderful sister, Peggy Helton.   She has painted many pictures and is a great inspiration to me and the other students, her detail is esquisite.   Both of us love teaching this class together as it has been good for both of us in helping improve our talents as well.  We love to share God's gift to us.

We have other students and we will be sharing their work on this blog...hope you will follow us and she how well we do.  Next project is a home with springtime flowers and eventually they want to do the Portland Temple.  They are very brave!  

The following are pictures of the students at work
 Medina family
 Mary Conklin and Peggy Helton
 Dolly Huber and Susan Wirfs
 Mryna Pendergraft and Dorothy Passey
 Andrea Hamill
This is my sweet granddaughter, Denver Grossnickle.  She comes to class sometimes with me.  
Denver is a gifted artist at age 6!


Polly said...

Wow! They look great!

AmyJo said...

Fun! I bet your students love your class, you are so kind and a brilliant artist!

Kaylene Neslen said...

I wish I could be there. I am so lucky to have gotten one on one classes with you. Denver is soooo cute.